Sorry for the delay in new pages, but I have an excellent excuse.

We’re moving to Edmonton.

That’s right, we’re headed to Canada’s Midwest. Home of oil and beef and endless prairie skies. We’ve spent the last few weeks saying goodbye to our beloved Montreal and our amazing friends and colleagues… but job offers and the proximity of our family are too rich to reject. We hope to get some pages up before the big move but between getting the computer fixed (a hard disk replacement didn’t go as smoothly as we’d hoped), selling the house, and getting ourselves and our stuff and our kids moved out there, it’s looking like it’ll be a couple weeks before regular updates start happening. Please accept my apologies.

There will also be a delay on the Patreon, although I’m hopeful that will only be a few days. May’s Pirate Week Monthly will hopefully be out by the second week of May for all subscribers at the five-dollar level and up.