As a cartoonist and maker of many types of thing, I worry constantly about my daughter’s creativity. I want her to enjoy not only drawing and sculpture but also dancing and singing and all the fun stuff in life. I don’t want her to be dragged down by negativity and the thoughtlessness of the needlessly cruel. If she’s to fall out of love with any form of art, I hope it’s not because of something I say or do. A part of me would be gone forever if that happened.

I’m ‘@mrkellytindall’ on Instagram, if you want to see my Scrooge McDuck Play-Doh sculptures, and other things.

Sorry for neglecting The Adventurers! The Strangebeard Kickstarter was a big success and I’m hard at work finalizing the book and getting it ready to send to the printers. If you pledged; thanks so much! If you haven’t: well, there’ll be a store up where you can get Strangebeard, Volume 1: The Ghost Pirate’s Gift soon enough.