My daughter loves Superman right now. He’s a great role model for little kids; he shows them all about helping people and showing good manners while giving them the outlet of someone who can smash and trash things and get away with it. We show our little one the Fleischer cartoons from the forties, although we curate them so she doesn’t see the racist ones (of which there are a surprising and disappointing amount).

If you don’t ‘get’ Superman, I humbly suggest looking at him through the eyes of a child. It will all make sense.

The Strangebeard Kickstarter is going very well! We passed the second stretch goal today with four days left in the campaign. I’m incredibly grateful for all the support; it’s been a tremendous experience. Thanks again, everyone.

Speaking of which, there was an article about the Kickstarter in the Meridian Booster yesterday. That’s my hometown newspaper (Lloydminster, Saskatchewan everybody!) so I was quite pleased to have that honor. There’s a picture of both myself and my partner in The Adventurers over there, too.